Fairy Tales For Bros!

Finally! Fairy Tales just for Bros!

This beautifully illustrated collection includes classic bro tales like Swole White & the Seven Pledges, The Ginger Beer Bro and family favorites like Oh The Places You’ll Bro.

The Holiday Classic

Who could forget the holiday classic How the Bro Hogged the Weight Room. The unforgettable tale of the bro who hogs an entire weight room on New Year’s day.

A Frustrating tale for all ages!

As accusations mount, everyone’s favorite President does everything he can to ignore a growing movement.


“This book needs to be on the coffee table of every single frat house and meathead bro-den in America.”

– The BroBible

The perfect gift for your fellow bro, brotherly bro, little bro, or any bro you may know for the holidays!

Some broAmazon Customer

Hilariously written, well illustrated. Great coffee/beer pong table book. Conversation piece, great romance, cautionary tale, timeless allegory, history of American Presidents. BroTales is all of this and more. Buy it, BRO.

A bro named EliAmazon Customer

Not only does it have pictures so I don't have to read as much, it taught me lessons that any bro can live by.

Another broSatisfied Amazon Customer

In today's political climate of Bro-persecution, it's good to see a book that reaches out to Bros and teaches us the true meaning of lifting and crushing beers.

DBoneAmazon brah