BroTales: Fairy Tales for Bros

Finally! Fairy tales just for bros.

BroTales: Fairy Tales for Bros is a beautifully illustrated collection of 10 classic fairy tales and poems like Swole White & the Seven Pledges, The Gingerbeer Bro, and family favorites like Oh the Places You’ll Bro.

BroTales explores some of the most important issues of our time like broship, keg stands, meddling with science, Tinder, getting swole, and more!

It’s the perfect gift for that special bro in your life!

Don’t miss out on getting your copy today, brah!

  • Over 130 pages
  • 100+ full color illustrations
  • Hard cover and paperback available!


A serious note: BroTales and How the Bro Hogged the Weight Room are works of comedy. The principal goal of BroTales is to make you laugh, and our method is not always politically correct. While our intention is not to offend, we are aware that some of the language used may be considered as such. BroTales is meant to be a satirical look at contemporary bro culture that examines race, gender, power and more. We hope BroTales can be as informative as it is fun. Thanks, brah!